Vertical  Blinds Plymouth by Blindology Blinds of Plymouth. Vertical window blinds made to measure.

Vertical blinds are the most versatile type of window blind, they are very easy to maintain and to operate. They will offer you perfect shading and privacy along with years of use. You can have vertical window blinds installed into virtually any area, ranging from the kitchen, office, bedroom, conservatory, dining room lounge and patio door. The two most important factors are the head rails (this is what operates the blind) and the fabric (this is what gives you the privacy/shading depending on your requirements.

The fabrics that we use are available in many colours and patterns, along with using standard shade, dimout shade and blackout shades. They also have treatments to help maintain your blinds for many years of perfect shading and operation, some of the treatments/properties include, stay-fresh coating (stops damp/mould/mildew) attaching to the fabric, sponge wipe-able, machine washable, ASC (Advanced Solar Control), anti-glare properties, fabrics that would be suitable for high moisture areas (wet rooms, shower/bathrooms). All of the properties are of the highest standard and quality.

In the below pictures there are some examples of previous installations that we have carried out, our vertical blinds are more than suitable for any need, as you can see we install our window blinds into commercial/office applications, conservatories and lounge/living rooms. We will have a solution for you needs.


        Commercial/Office vertical window blinds                               Conservatory vertical window blinds                               Lounge vertical window blinds


The vertical blind can also be installed into a curved bay window using our curved vertical blind track, please see the pictures above and follow the links.

Right hand picture: We have fitted our largest curved vertical blind at W C Parsons at St Marys, Plympton, this was installed into one of their office areas, this curved vertical blind was just under 5 metres in length!!!!!!) This curved vertical blind was installed into one of their front main office's. The old vertical blind was beyond repair, but we quoted to either replace just the fabric slats (their request) and also to replace the full curved window blind. They decided to totally replace the complete system. They also chose to have a dim out fabric due to the amount of bright Sun light that was directly shining in through the window.

So not only can they be used for straight windows they can also be installed into a curved bay window area, though certain bay windows this will not be achievable due to the bend radius.

Please contact us to arrange a professional measure and advice, along with a price, there is no obligation!

There are various types of fabrics and finishes to complement your furnishings, plain, patterened, blackout, UPVC, fabrics that are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, dim-out facts, Fire retardant and also Advanced Solar Control just to name a few.


They all have varying properties that you will find suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, lounge/living room, dining room, bedrooms, conservatories and office areas.  Fabrics range from machine washable fabric to sponge wipe-able fabric, blackout blind through to a normal shade, fabrics that are water resistant or anti glare fabric, fire retardant fabric , stay fresh coatings along with having some of the fabrics that are also available as roller blinds, so that you can match the finish and look through out your home or office.


Vertical blind information:

Vertical blinds are great for giving you the option of how much light is transfered, as being able to tilt/twist the louvres too the degree that suits you. Or you can even open them fully, this allows for ease of cleaning or if you don't need the privacy (perhaps in a kitchen). You can rest assured that the level of service, knowledge, professionalism, quality of workmanship is second to none when you purchase your blinds from Blindology Blinds of Plymouth.


ALL of our vertical blind fabrics have been sourced and produced here in the UK, so that you can be assured of the quality, we are proud to be able to supply fabrics that are "Made In The UK!"

You can also be assured that the quality of our blinds are second to none, all companies supply white plastic operating chain, WE DONT, we only supply a metal chain free of charge, though you can have the plastic if required. The metal chain will last longer, it looks far better, hangs better and will not get dirty like white plastic chains.

We want your blinds to compliment your furnishings and décor, also it is a showcase for our blinds! We are here to provide a service, not just a sale. Our after service is again second to none.

Though as with any product, there are so many manufactures of parts/equipment/materials. Ranging from very poor quality up-to the items and materials that we will ONLY use. Rather than using a poor quality part, we would prefer to walk away from the work, rather than use these items, as the durability in the items ARE not worth it in the long run!

Your window blinds should last easily a good 10 years if not more, not just a couple of years. Also the fabrics SHOULD NOT go mouldy, damp or grow mildew and even some curve and bend. Again  we only use quality fabrics unlike so other companies.

As we have said before a blind is not just a blind, just the same as; is a car just a car?

Our range of vertical blinds are available for any need, whether they are too be used with in your home (domestic) or commercial property. We can guarantee that we will have a fabric/finish that will compliment your furnishing and provide you with the shading and privacy that you require. 

UNLIKE OTHER COMPANIES: We have put our money where our mouth is: Yes we are offering with all of our made to measure blinds, up-to a 6 year guarantee. So not only have you top rated blinds you also have a top rated guarantee. Ask other blind companies, local or national if they do this? There answer will be NO!

Have or are your blinds been damaged or broken, do they need repairing, we can carry out repairs to most types of vertical window blinds, ranging from the head rail, traveller (runners), cord, chain, weights or fabric. Are your louvres (slats) damaged or mouldy, we can replace just your fabric. Our blinds whether it the complete blind or just the head rail or fabric are designed too last, unlike some other companies. Our head rail travellers will not crumble, our fabrics will not bend or curve, they will not get mouldy or damp. We only use the best materials available on the market to date. We take pride in our blinds so that they WILL last, that is why we supply and install our blinds and cover them with up to a 6 year guarantee, YES SIX YEARS!!!!

Please enquire by contacting us on our contact page to find out some more information or to arrange a FREE home visit with no obligation.

A more thourgh explaination is here: Blindology Blinds vertical blinds. Many thanks for taking the time to read our information regarding vertical blinds, we supply and install both vertical window blinds for the commercial and domestic market.



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